This legendary ancient Garuda Temple is located in the interiors of a village named Koladevi in Mulbagilu Taluk Kolar District of Karnataka in India. Garuda Deva worshipped here as main deity. This temple is the World's One and Only Temple dedicated to Garuda Deva, Lord Vishnu's vahana.
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About Temple

This legendary ancient Garuda Temple is located in the interiors of a village named Koladevi in Mulbagilu Taluk Kolar District of Karnataka in India. Garuda Deva worshipped here as main deity. This temple is the World's One and Only Temple dedicated to Garuda Deva, Lord Vishnu's vahana. n the neighboring areas are other ancient temples like the Kurudumale Ganesha Temple.

The story of how this temple came into existence, dates back to the Treta Yuga during the Ramayana. As already known, the Demon King of Lanka, Ravanasura, is well known for his rage to satisfy his desires and the extent is perseverant to conquer his wishes. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. He was a great thapasvi who asked for Lord Shiva's atmalinga as well. In Treta Yuga, he had his covetous eyes set on Sita Maatha (Goddess Lakshmi who is in the left hand of Lord Garuda as in the Garuda Devalaya). Lord Rama, Sita Maatha, and brother Lakshmana were in the forest in exile for a period of 14 years. At that time, Ravana kidnaps Sita Maatha in his pushpakha vimana. On his way back to Lanka, Sita Maatha in seek of her husband was chanting his name "Rama Rama" three times. Jatayu (a humanoid bird form with the face of the Vulture and body of a human), vahana of Lord Vishnu is in his rounds in the sky and hears Sita Maatha's cries. He at once, comes to Sita Maatha's rescue from Ravana and poses a tough fight. In the war, Ravana chops off the wings of Jayatu. It is believed that the place where these two wings fell on Earth is where the Garuda temple now exists. It is because Ravana kills the bird Jatayu and in the Kannada language, the word for "to kill" is "Kolu" and hence the village was named "Koladevi". As his wings fell on the ground, he chanted the name of Lord Rama 3 times and Lord Hanumantha who is the highest devotee of Lord Rama comes running to this place hence why the idol of Lord Hanumantha is also found here.

The prathishtapane was done many years ago by Tamil Nadu's Ramanujacharya of the 11th century. This temple, therefore, is considered to have a history of over 1100 years of age.

In a single idol of Lord Garuda Deva, there are 8 sarpas or serpents on his body. It is also said that offering prayers to this deity provide relief from all kinds of Sarpa Dosha. Kaala Sarpa Dosha, Hrdaya Dosha, Kanta Dosha, Rahu Keti Dosha, Rahu Sandhi Dosha, and Sidha Dosha are the various Doshas that will be resolved as he has all these 8 serpents on his body - Om Ashta Naagabharanaya Namah.

Many people are directed to various Lord Subramanya Swamy temples across the country like Kuke Subramaneshwara temple or Sri Kalahasti to seek blessings and solutions to Sarpa Doshas of various kinds. However, it is evident that only a partial resolution is obtained from going there, whereas it is in this very temple that all Sarpa Dosha's will be nullified at once and for good. The reason for this is because in those kshetra's only one kind of sarpa dosha nivarane is done but not of all 8 types of Doshas, hence why visiting just this one temple is said to clear the Doshas in full and bring fortune to one who seeks blessings of Lord Garuda.

In the main temple, the center deity is Lord Garuda Deva. To his right is Lord Narayana and to his left is Goddess Lakshmi. In the entire world, there is no garbagudi for Garuda Deva. This is the only temple with the garbagudi given for Lord Garuda Deva and hence the name Garudadevalaya. It is usually found that Lord Garuda is etched either on the top or the foot of the dhvajasthamba, but never can one find an idol like this one anywhere else in the world.

Arjuna, also known as Partha and Dhananjaya, from Mahabharat, ends up becoming the cause of a blazing forest fire. Due to this, many snakes were killed and they cursed Arjuna with Sarpa Dosha. This had many ill effects on him in his Life causing him to seek nivarana from the Sarpa Dosha. He was then directed to pray to Lord Garuda to relieve him from this Sarpa Dosha. Lord Narayana asks Garuda deva to help Arjuna clear the malefic effects of the Sarpa Dosha. Lord Garuda replies that he is not very effective or helpful without Lord Narayana or Goddess Lakshmi. Then, Lord Narayan says that he will be seated on the right of Lord Garuda and Goddess Lakshmi to his left, such that whoever seeks the blessings of Lord Garuda will also be twice blessed by them, with prosperity and abundance. This is also to be found to be stated in the Garuda Purana.

Another specialty in this temple is that there is also an idol of Lord Anjeneya Swamy. It is unique and not to be found anywhere else in the World as Lord Anjeneya is holding his Brahmastra in this hand. Also, his teeth are visible.

Apart from these idols, there are also other idols like Lord Shani and many more.

The devotees who have Sarpa Dosha in their horoscope may seek the blessings of Lord Garuda for nivarana.

There are 2 pooja services provided in the temple are as follows:

1. Abhisheka Pooja - It is a 1-hour long pooja service.

2. Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja - It is a 3-hour long pooja service.

Google Map Link:
Garuda Temple Koladevi
Koladevi Village, Po. Mulbagal taluk, Kolar District

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