The temple is situated at Kalahasthinathapuram, Myladuthurai Dist. of Tamil Nadu.
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About Temple

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Rajagopalan from Mumbai and hailed from Kalahasthinathapuram which is a small Village in Myladuthurai (Mayuram) District, Tamil Nadu. About 50 years before our village was a very lovely place and village people from various places during summer vacation used to come to our village for relaxation for a month or two. Our street containing at the one end with a big Tank with full of water where people take bath, the surrounding of which with full greenery with big trees etc and just one corner opposite to the tank a Shivan Temple and just nearby there is one Bhairaver Temple. It was an ideal village with all amenities required to live.
In our street about 15 brahmin houses and most of the house owner had their own land for cultivation etc. In that 15 houses there were 3 Vedha Pandits(Sasthirigal/Guruji) to take care of any family rituals within the village and surrounding areas. All were happy and other villagers were also progressing.
It is said in the ‘Vedhas’ that Brahmins are to chant ‘Vedham’ for well being of the Society and people of the Universe. We never pray for betterment of ourselves alone and that is how we have taken initiative for the benefit of villagers. That was how keeping in mind the well being of their people in the olden days Kings Identify Brahmin, awarded them the wealth and lands for their livelihood to continue their profession.
Over the period the situation had changed in Tamil Nadu. Especially, after the year 1960 or so the entire scenario got changed. For their livelihood they had to leave the village and moved to the town due to so many reasons. As a result, now, in our village no Brahmin family exists except one family who is doing daily Pooja at the Temple.
Now, I will come to the point. The Temples were over 15 years before renovated and ‘Kumbha Abhiseham’ was performed. It is said that as per ‘Aagama Vidhi’ the ‘Kumbha Abhiseham’ has to be performed once in 12 years. Now, it is over 15 years there is a need for Temples renovation and go for ‘Kumbha Abhiseham’. As far as Bhairaver temple is concerned we had to demolish fully and reconstructed and 70% of the work got completed. We attach here a few snaps of our Bhairaver Temple (work in progress) for all of your information. To complete this task alone we need about 8 to 9 lakhs further. Likewise Shivan Temple work to be started and the ‘Amman Gharbagraham’ needs to be redone as that of Bhairaver Temple which needs total of Rs.20 to 25 Lakhs with other work involved. The Shiv Temple picture will be displayed soon. At this juncture though we live elsewhere, with the help of Villagers we are trying to do such major renovation activities and perform the ‘Kumbha Abhiseham’. There is a pro verb in Tamil ‘Chiru thuli peru vellam’ (drop of water collect and create flood/ocean). Likewise, if you all come forward with a small contribution to the cause, that would be enough to complete our task to get blessings of God.

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