Sree Hanuman Kovil
Sree Hanuman Kovil, Ernakulam an ancient temple in the Ernakulam Shiva Kshetra complex has its own eventful past .

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Sree Hanuman Kovil, Ernakulam an ancient temple in the Ernakulam Shiva Kshetra complex has its own eventful past .According to historians the origin of the temple may be citied to the times of Rama Varma the Maharaja of Cochin & Divan Venkat Rao alias Venkoba Rao , a devout kannada brahmin who served the former between 1855 & 1860 the Maharaja had a cordial relationship with Vishvapriya Theertha Swamiji (1766-1865) of Sode Vadiraja Mutt (Uduppi).
After a gap of 128 years, since Its existence, the first renovation committee was formed, under the chairmanship of Justice Chandrasekhara Menon, an ardent devotee ofAnjaneya Swami, in 1985 involving hereditary Trustees, Administrator and the public devotees who were closely associated with the temple. Except the front portion of the temple where the Gopuram is situated, all the three sides of the temple were cleared and demolished. A new sanctum sanctorum, Mukhamandapam, Vimanagopuram, Bhajan Hall and a two storied building with kitchen and staff accommodation, etc. were constructed. A Small temple for Nagaraja and Raghavendra Swamiji’s Brindavan, also came up as per astrological rules. Thus the stage was set for the celebration of the first Mahakumbhabhishekam in 1991 on Sree Rama Navami Day with the participation of H H Vidhyamanya Theertha Swamiji of Udupi Palimar Mutt and H H Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji of Udupi Pejawar Mutt.
After 12 years in 2003 the ashtabandha Mahakumbhabhishekam took place during Shree Rama Navami festival. Another turning point in the history of the temple is the construction of the Raja Gopuram in place of the old Gopuram in sundarakanda Homa front of the temple. Three decorated statues of Anjaneya Swami, Bhima Sena and Madhwacharya were installed above the Rajagopuram. An Alankara Gopuram behind with a spacious hall was also constructed. ln 2014, Shree Hanuman Kovil is gearing up to celebrate the third Mahakumbhabhishekam coinciding with the Annual Sree Rama Navami celebration from march 21st March to 29th March 2015
Taking place once in twelve years the Mahakumbhabhishekam is primarily to elevate the divine sanctity in the consecrated deity which may show a declining trend due to various reasons including sins (papadasha) affecting the spiritual atmosphere inside and outside the temple premises. More than 50 Vedic pundits and equal number of archakas from Karnataka and surroundings will be invited to performvarious Homas during these 9 days long functions from 21st March to 29th March 2015.
Anointment (Sudhi Kalasha) followed by Brahma Koorcha Homa, Pradhana Homa. Restoration of divine power in the deity, a series of homas like Tathwa Homa, Vishnu Gayathri Homa, Rama Manthra Homa, Moola Manthra Homa will be conducted. Praying for the auspicious hour during the Mahakumbhabhisheka Navagraha Homa is to be performed.For peace and prosperity for the entire humanity, rare Homas like Rama Thaaraka Mantra Homa , Adithya Hrudhaya Homa, Purusha Suktha and ShreeSuktha Homa are to be performed during this occasion. The colourful event is preceded by replacing the old Sree Kovil Silver doors with new ones. Prathista Day of Sree Anjaneya Swami is celebrated on Sree Rama Navami Day every year. The entire events will be guided and blessed by Udupi Ashta mutta Swamijis Like H H Raghu Bhushana TheerthaSwamiji of Balagaru Mutt, H.H Vishwaprasanna Swamiji (Junior) Pejawar Mutt and H H Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji of Udupi Pejawar Mutt.
Various methods and procedures are adopted in the Veda Sasthras to come closer to self-realization just as a strong foundation is required for a tall building. These rituals create stability in the mind of the devotee. Temple worship started, probably after 8th century, to create self-confidence in man through devotion to Lord which leads to self-realization and ultimately to Moksha. Homa and Yajna are part of it, and are normally conducted in temples to increase the power of presiding deity which reflects in the form of blessings. Since many pundits participate to conduct these functions, an ordinary devotee might be fortunate to watch the functions and obtain His blessings.

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